Supply Unit Cura

Our single- and multiple-duct wall-media supply units are made of extruded, anodized or powder-coated
aluminum and include all common high- and low-voltage supply lines and installations as well as discharge
valves for medical gases. Optionally, integrated accessory rails ensure a safe fixation of all kinds of accessories. The frontal access to the installation channel enables a fast installation and effective service of the supply units. Our units are mounted directly on the wall without sub-construction in order to minimize installation time. Front channel tops without screws and with flush-mounted sockets enhance hygiene.
Our modular wall supply units offer you a great range of variety: horizontal, vertical, all RAL-colours and various decor. Moreover, all units can be equipped with suitable lighting solutions for patient and treatment.

Cura-H with 2 Accessory Rails
with accessory rails

Lighting Solutions

The integrated version offers opportunities for direct and indirect lighting. Surface flushed within the rail, it takes up no extra space and creates a pleasant light image that does not blind the patient. For lamps we offer led-solutions. The circuit can be done externally or by switches inside the channel. Additionally a courtesy light or a relay for switching and power supply units can be accommodated in the profile. Instead of switches, dimmer are also a possibility. An additional lamp is also possible.

Another elegant solution, especially when space is tight in channel, is our separate bed lamp.

We will find the optimal power/lighting solution for you. Contact us!

with external lighting

Fitting options

Sockets 230V

Our outlets are available in the following standard colours:
white, green and orange
Other colours available on request.
The following options are available:

• labeling field
• Indicator (orange)
• LED indicator light (green)
• enhanced contact protection
• hinged lid

Equipotential bonding
Data Port

Flush or conventionally, as data sockets.

Possible designs:
• single
• dual

Gas outlets
Standard makes: Greggersen, Medap, Dräger, HeyerOther brands on request
Other fixtures

Such as, buttons/switches, light trap, CEE sockets and many more!


Variant Weight in kg/m (without fixtures)
Basic without equipment rails 5.3
Dual without equipment rails 10
Triple without equipment rails 14.7
Basic with equipment rails 7.5
Dual with equipment rails 12.3
Triple with equipment rails 17
Basic with one equipment rail 6.4
Dual with one equipment rail 11.16
Triple with one equipment rail 15.9
Endurance of equipment rail 50 kg/m
Standard colour RAL 9016 (transport White) or alu anodized