Ceiling supply unit Optima

Optima consists of vertical beams which fix the construction at the ceiling and a horizontal supply bar. The vertical beams are usually fixed at the raw ceiling by means of a sub-construction. The beams house the connection points for electrical and gas main supplies whereby here the supply lines are installed apart from each other. The supply bar consists of a massive, extruded anodized aluminium support frame combined with a front- and/or backside housing for gas- and electrical outlets.

An optional accessory rail at the front-side can accommodate a variety of devices like (bed separation systems, Infusion poles, cable arms). Indirect lightning solutions can be integrated into the ceiling faced cover.

Due to the lack of flexible gas tubing, the concept of this supply unit is nearly maintenance-free and offers upgrade options for a steadily growing device-park. The described support profile provides an under-side guide rail for the accommodation of trolleys, where customised device carriers can be attached. The device carriers are rotatable and can be moved along the whole supply unit. The trolleys are fixed at their position by means of a manual brake.

Optima with device carrier
with device carrier
Cross-section Optima
Profile Optima

The ceiling supply unit is deliverable in different lengths; for lengths longer than 3000 mm the profiles are joined. All our ceiling supply units are designed and equipped according to customers specifications. Standard-colour of our supply units is RAL 9016. All other colours are also available (surcharge).

For ICU, a housing for media outlets can either be at the front side only or, in addition, at the back side as well.

In the front housing, connectors are attached, which often have to be monitored or controlled. The rear housing includes ports that are rarely required or remain permanently plugged. The inclined housings grant a user-friendly handling of gas-plugs as well as a beneficial position of
gas hoses. A very low position of gas sockets at the front-side offers further handling advantages.

Device carriers for Optima

Device carriers move along the guiding rail at the backside of the supply unit and are usually attached at the right and left side of the patient’s bed. The carriers can be customised in a great variety. Besides single-tube device carriers (e.g. for infusion systems) we provide double tube carriers with different tray/drawer solutions: trays only or together with drawers like single drawer, double drawer, keyboard holder with or without mouse-pad.

In addition monitor-arms and other accessories can be mounted on the systems infusion rods.


Ball bearings in the carriages holding the device carriers ensure a smooth, wear-free and accurate running, also in case of eccentric load e.g. due to cantilevered monitor-arms. The carriers are 360° rotatable and a mechanical push- and rotation brake locks the once adjusted position. In case a 6-fold IV-bottle holder needs to be attached at a later time, a threaded hole enhances a safe and easy installation. For further expansion or service matters the device carrier can be separated from the carriage and the carriage can be removed from the guidance rail with only little effort (by service technician only).

device carrier, trays, drawers

Device carrier

Our standard device carrier is constructed for a 160 kg pay-load. Different widths and tray solutions are possible. Variations in lengths allow floor-bound trolleys to be pushed below or to be attached to the carriers.

The very resistant stainless steel frame ensures an easy cleaning and a long lifetime.

Standard Components Device carrier
Standard components device carrier
for ceiling supply units

Accessories for device carriers

Double accessory rails can accommodate suction systems or other small medical devices. Furthermore, additional tubes for holding IV-pumps or trays / trays with drawer(s) are standard accessories for our device carrier systems.

Clamp tube Optima
Clamp tube
for fastening of accessories

Technical data sheet supply unit and accessories

[all measures in mm]
[W x H x D]

Ceiling supply unit Optima

Ceiling fixation / beams
Max. gap raw ceiling and filigran slab until 750 mm, otherwise with additive brace
Pillar length Order-related
Max. distance between pillars 3000 mm
Weight per pillar approx. 18 kg
Measures Baldachin 380 x 380 mm
Colour RAL 9016 traffic white powder-coated,
other RAL-colours available (surcharge)
Supply bar
Weight per running meter Approx. 40 kg
Colour Profile alu anodized / sheet metal RAL 9016 traffic white powder-coated, other
RAL-colours available (surcharge)
Lightning per bed place
Indirect lighting 2 x 39 watt fluorescent tube T5 or 2 x 54 watt fluorescent tube T5
Reading light

Night light

1 x 24 watt fluorescent tube T5

1 x 7 watt fluorescent tube

LED available yes
LED available yes
Device carriers [stainless steel]
Max. payload 160 kg
Fixation Manual, mechanic rotate- and pushing-brake
Travel path along total profile length
Tableau large 520 x 25 x 550 mm
Tableau small 350 x 25 x 550 mm
Media column


Max. payload
Travel path
Cantilever arm



[Colour: RAL 7035 light grey]

Small 400 x 96 x 360 mm (simple drawer)
Large 450 x 96 x 491 mm (simple drawer)
Simple drawer block Height: 96 mm
Double drawer block Height: 192 mm
Keyboard extension with mouse- pad 450 x 63 x 491mm