Special manufacture supply units

We offer you to adapt our products exactly to your wishes. And thanks to our own development and manufacturing department, we are able to deliver them in record time and in the best quality. Talk to us, we have a solution for your problem. Below are some examples of our custom-made products.


Optima-S Special Manufacture
Special Manufacture
Optima-S - Front

Media supply

The arrangement and number of connections of the supply unit is order-related. Four ergonomically arranged installation levels are available for the media oxygen, compressed air, nitrous oxide, vacuum, anaesthetic gas extraction and air motor. All extraction points for the medical gases are gas-tight encapsulated on the inside and accessible from the outside for easy servicing without dismantling.

equipment carrier-optima-s
with equipment carrier
Optima-S Special Manufacture
Special Manufacture
Optima-S - Back

Equipment carrier systems

The ceiling mount can optionally be equipped with system gondolas for mounting monitors or other medical equipment.

Equipment example

configuration example Optima-S
configuration example


As an economical alternative to the Optima-S media bridge, the proven Cura rail system made of extruded aluminium profiles can now also be configured as a ceiling unit.

Cura-D Front-Electro
Front Electro
Back Gas
Cura-D example of assembly
example of assembly


The fixing is done by two aluminium brackets directly on the raw ceiling. The prefabricated ceiling passage is concealed on the room side by a small canopy.
By omitting a ceiling substructure, the system is cost-effective and installation can be carried out in just one step.


The rail system is available in various lengths as a single-, two- or four-train variant. Lateral vertical equipment rails can also be provided as an option. The equipment is order-specific, whereby separation of the gas and electrical components is also recommended here.
The standard cover colour is RAL 9016 – traffic white. Other colours are of course available on request.


without Cover

Flush-mounted installation

Our supply rail is very versatile. Instead of fixing the rail to the wall, it is also possible to use a flush-mounted version. Integrated flush into the wall, the supply unit takes up no space.

With a sliding cover, for example with a picture, it is not even visible when the connections are not needed.
This version can also be connected to the Ligno, in which case the unit is installed flush in a wooden construction. In this way, the patient room is deprived of any hospital atmosphere.

with cover

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