Mobile Programmable Low-Vacuum System MV1

The new powerful electronically controlled mobile low vacuum system offers a great range of applications independent of fixed vacuum and power supplies:

Apart from typical mobile post-operative pleura care, the new and more powerful system can be used for further appliances, which require e.g. a higher vacuum or special programme sequences. A maximum vacuum of -550 mbar and a totally free programmability open up a very broad field of applications as well as a high individuality.

The vacuum system consists of a powerful low vacuum suction pump, a single-use system of secret bottles, vacuum tubes and bacteria filter. The system is supplemented by a set of pump and bottle holder to fix pump and bottles at any hospital bed.

Fields of Application

  • Maintaining vacuum in the pleura after spontaneous pneumothorax
  • Wound drainage, Redon drainage, suction of body secretion
  • Transport suction
  • Customized programmes for additional applications

Save application – Alarm in case of

  • Pressure loss or unreached set vacuum level
  • Bent vacuum tubes
  • Full secretion container
  • Low battery voltage


  • Intuitive, easy handling – small and light.
  • Low Noise operation / long battery operation.
  • Easy and early mobilisation of patients: Reduces work load for hospital staff.
  • Reduced danger of contamination as disconnection/ change of device unnecessary.
  • Cost efficiency due to individual and adequate secretion containers.
  • Cost savings for single use system and it´s disposal compared to other systems.
  • Increased client satisfaction.
Mobile Programmable Low-Vacuum System MV1
Mobile Programmable Low-Vacuum System MV1

Maximum Vacuum

-550 mbar (Limitation by program)

Absorptive capatcity

3,8 l / min

Maximum operating time on batteries with 100% pump power-on time

> 4 hours

(new accumulator pack))

Maximum operating time on batteries on normal operation (little air loss)

(little air loss)

> 8 hours

(new accumulator pack)

DImensions (B x H x T)

200 x 150 x 70mm



Mains adapter

Primary 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz

Secondary 12V / 2,5 A

Accumulator pack

Accumulator pack 12V 2100 mAh

Protection class


Vacuum adjustable

Program controlled

Order Data

Order Data Purchase

19000 MV1 Standard Device
19001 Mains Adapter for MV1
19010 Stainless steel stand with holder for MV1 and 1-Liter One-time Collection System for Thorax-Application /Endoluminal Vacuum therapy
19116 MV1 Complete System Endoluminal Vacuum therapy
18022 Bacteria Filter with Luer-Lock-Connection and hose
18030 Hose system with Bottle 1000ml

(for Thorax-Application /Endoluminal Vacuum therapy)

Order Data Rent
19150 Set for Complete Application (Period: 21 days package price)

Pump Set including mains adapter and accumulator

– Bedframe for 2x1000ml Secretion-Bottle with bed-pump-holder

– SIngle-use material:

– 7x Secretion Bottle 1000ml with hose system

– 7x Bacteria filter

19151 Renewal Art. Nr. 19150 (Billing on daily basis)

Renting Only; Please order Single-use material seperate