Ceiling Supply Unit Verso

Verso is a improved version of our well established Optima. It offers electrical and gas outlets not only in the horizontal supply bar but also in vertical slidable and rotatable media columns suspended from the supply bar. The media columns are equipped with ball bearings ensuring a smooth running. For higher work place flexibility the media columns can optionally be fitted with a cantilever arm of 400 mm.


Like Optima, Verso also consists out of vertical beams which are usually mounted on the raw ceiling via a subconstruction. Here as well, these beams operate as in-feed point for gas and electricity where the lines are installed separately.

Cross-Section Verso
Profile Verso

The supply bar is formed of a massive, extruded anodized aluminium support frame with a front- and backside housing for the medical outlets. Unlike in the Optima, the guiding rail of Verso for carriages/device carriers is located floor-facing at the bottom side. In-feed of media is realised via the guiding-rail which is covered with a flexible enclosure.

Of course, in this new version lightning elements like direct and indirect lights or a night light can be implemented into the supply bar as per individual requirements.

Depending on given space for a bed, media columns can travel a defined distance at each side and are restricted securely by a body stop. A pneumatic brake with convenient ergonomic singlehand control takes care so the media columns can be secured at any required position. The bodystop is free adjustable, maximum rotation of the columns is approximately 330°.

Configuration and accessories

As standard the media columns are rotatable and slidable without a cantilever arm. Optionally a cantilever arm with a length of 400 mm or shorter can be supplied.

All our median columns can be fitted individually with high- and low-voltage electrical outlets as well as gas sockets, air motors and narcotic suction. Device trays with or without drawers of different configurations serve as holder for medical devices or as writing or depositing surface.

Alternatively, device carriers without electrical or gas installations can be configurated and implemented into the bottom-side guiding-rail. Of course, all media columns provide space for various medical devices like IV-poles, catheter baskets and much more. Besides the standard equipment with vertical and horizontal accessory rails  also other arrangements are possible.

Verso Media column
Verso media column

Media supply

The number of media outlets and their locations in the supply system is customised. All gas sockets are gassealed at the inside of the unit and easy accessible from the outside without any further disassembly efforts.

As per customers request, normal 230V-sockets with frame, flushmounted sockets or sockets with flap lid in variation with or without power light in different colours are available as well as sockets for foreign standards like UK, France, Switzerland, USA or other countries

According to the latest regulations, sockets are connected in multiple circuits. Also connections for potential equalisation are installed in a sufficient amount in an easy accessible position.

We also install special sockets e.g. for dialysis machines and X-ray equiptment. Further installations are data sockets, telephone sockets, nurse-call-combinations, night- and reading lights, switches, dimmer, relays, speakers and other electrical components.

Alternatively as a customer you have the choice to use our device carrier standard components of our ceiling supply unit Optima instead of media columns.

Media Supply Verso
Media supply Verso
Standard Components Device carrier
Standard components device carrier
for ceiling supply units

Technical data sheet supply unit and accessories

[all measures in mm]

[W x H x D]

Media Bridge Verso

Ceiling fixation / beams
Max. gap raw ceiling and filigran slab until 750 mm, otherwise with additive brace
Pillar length Order-related
Max. distance between pillars 3 m
Weight per pillar approx. 18 kg
Measures Baldachin 380 x 380 mm
Colour RAL 9016 traffic white powder-coated,

other RAL-colours available (surcharge)

Supply bar
Weight per running meter Approx. 45 kg
Colour Profile alu anodized / sheet metal RAL 9016 traffic white powder-coated, other RAL-colours available (surcharge)
Lightning per bed place
Indirect lighting

2 x 39 watt fluorescent tube T5 or 2 x 54 watt fluorescent tube T5

Reading light 1 x 24 watt fluorescent tube T5
Night light

1 x 7 watt fluorescent tube

LED verfügbar


RGB verfügbar


Device carriers [stainless steel]
Max. payload 160 kg
Fixation Manual, mechanic rotate- and pushing-brake
Travel path along total profile length
Tableau large 520 x 25 x 550 mm
Tableau small 350 x 25 x 550 mm
Media column
Max. payload With cantilever 40kg / Without cantilever 160 kg
Fixation pneumatic
Travel path +/-
Cantilever arm Optional, max. 400 mm


RAL 9016 traffic white powder-coated, other RAL-colours available (surcharge)


[Farbe: RAL 7035 light grey]

Small 400 x 96 x 360 mm (simple drawer)
Large n.a.
Simple drawer block Height: 96 mm
Double drawer block Height: 192 mm
Keyboard extension with mouse- pad 450 x 63 x 491 mm