Ceiling Supply Unit Verso-OR

The ceiling unit supplies medical equipment with electricity, medical gases and data connection interfaces. The pendant supports the realisation of the laminar-air-flow-concept for OR ceilings. Furthermore, it contains carrier systems for space-saving and user-friendly arrangement of medical equipment and devices in ORs and ICUs.

In the new revised version, the device carriers can be moved around the corners without e.g. rotary switch. The trolley can easily be pushed along the lower rail around the corner without any further handling. Manual brakes fix the carriers in any desired direction.

Advantages of Ceiling Supply Unit Verso-OR

  • In contrary to flexible ceiling pendants mounted hose connections, the MB copper tube
    connections are maintenance-free
  • Clearly arranged sockets
  • Napless smooth surface improves hygiene
  • High stability due to a massive support frame
  • Easy to maintain and to upgrade
  • Precise carriage guidance (even with eccentrically loaded equipment rack) on the one-piece
    aluminium support frame


Our ceiling supply unit is made of vertical pillars and a horizontal supply bar. The pillars of the supply system are mounted with a substructure at the raw ceiling. All conduits for electricity and gas supplies are separately mounted inside the beams.

The supply bar consists of a massive, extruded anodized aluminium support frame. Media sockets are placed along the frontside, and if required, supplementary at the rear-side. An additional accessory rail, attached to the front-side, allows a range of devices to be suspended (bed separator, infusion bottle holder, cable arm). Optional indirect room lighting can be installed in the ceiling deck.

Medienbrücke Verso-OP
Ceiling Supply Unit Verso-OR with Device Carrier
with device carrier

The concept of this supply unit facilitates handling, is service friendly and offers upgrade options for a constantly growing device-park. The described support profile provides an under-side guide rail for the accommodation of trolleys, where customised device carriers can be attached. The device carriers are rotatable and can be moved along the whole supply unit even around its corners without any additional handling (for example: pivoting gates). This feature additionally enhances handling comfort and flexible use of the trolleys.

The ceiling supply unit is deliverable in different lengths and shapes (O-, U- or L-shape, square or rectangular shape). For lengths longer than 3000 mm the profiles are joined. All our ceiling supply units are designed according to customers specifications.

Standard-colour of our supply units is RAL 9016. All other colours are also available (surcharge).

In order to reduce energy costs, many ventilation ceilings work with a 30% fresh air and a 70% recirculation ratio. After used air is recycled, the laminarisator discharges air into the OP-Field. A flowstabilizer takes care that the laminar flow is steady by causing a „protective curtain“ around the ORfield. This protective curtain, made out of pure low turbulence air creates an effective barrier against outside air impurities. Especially in connection with these laminar-flow-OR-ventilation-ceilings, our Verso-OP is a suitable supply unit as its air baffles made out of laminated safety glass enhance the effect of the protective curtain.

More Advantages

  • Reliable protection of patient, OR-Team and instrument tables
  • Stable laminar displacement flow with uniform distribution of supply air temperature and velocity
  • Low germ sedimentation
  • Low air velocity in common areas

This optimal effect can only be achieved by adjusting the laminar flow as close to the OR-field as possible. Common ceiling tripods interrupt laminar flow and disable the function of aerial leading aprons.

  • Laminar flow is supported by all-round air baffles
  • There are no interrupting ceiling tripod arms in the laminar flow area
  • Clear and easy accessible placement of gas and electricity outlets
  • Seamless smooth surface improves hygiene
  • High stability through massive support profiles
  • Service friendly and upgradeable
  • Exact roller units of the device carriers (also in a state of eccentric load) in the one-piece aluminium support profile
  • No ground contact of attached devices
  • Use with all common OR-ventilation-ceilings in the market

Profile of the Ceiling Supply Unit


The MTG OR ceiling supply unit Verso-OP has a special slim, but very stable profile. Taken as a whole, the glass surfaces outweigh hereby and the room impression stays thereby light and transparent.

Standard sizes

Size 1 2,60m x 2,60m
Size 2 2,90m x 2,90m
Size 3 3,20m x 3,20m

[all measures in mm]

[W x H x D]



Max. gap raw ceiling and filigran slab

until 750 mm, otherwise with additive brace

Pillar length


Max. distance between pillars

3 m

Weight per pillar

approx. 18 kg

Measures Baldachin

380 x 380


RAL 9016 traffic white powder-coated,

other RAL-colours available (surcharge)

Supply Bars

Weight per running meter

Approx. 40 kg


Profile alu anodized / sheet metal RAL 9016 traffic white powder-coated, other RAL-colours available (surcharge)

Lighting per bed place

Indirect lighting

2 x 39 watt fluorescent tube T5 or

2 x 54 watt fluorescent tube T5

Reading light

1 x 24 watt fluorescent tube T5

Night light

1 x 7 watt fluorescent tube

LED available


RGB available


Device Carriers [stainless steel]

Max. payload

160 kg


Manual, mechanic rotate- and pushing-brake

Travel path

along total profile length

Tableau large

520 x 25 x 550

Tableau small

350 x 25 x 550

[Colour: RAL 7035 light grey]


400 x 96 x 360 mm (simple drawer)


450 x 96 x 491 mm (simple drawer)

Simple drawer block

Height: 96 mm

Double drawer block

Height: 192 mm

Keyboard extension with mouse- pad

450 x 63 x 491 mm